Automated Consulting

The progress of the machines

There is much talk these days about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) catching up with the jobs performed in the professions, from architecture to accounting, the law to engineering to consultancy, to name but a few. And rightly so, as more and more areas are identified where the machines can outperform the humans, not only doing the same things quicker, better or on a grander scale but also performing activities that were beyond the capability of us mortals.

Opportunity or threat?

Professionals can look at these developments as a threat or as an opportunity, and, whatever they think, they’ll be right. Think and talk in terms of threats and you will fail to see what new possibilities are opening up for you; the threat will most likely be realised. See the opportunity, and you’re much more likely to exploit it. That’s how innovators and entrepreneurs think and thrive.

Automated consulting – the opportunity

Consultants don’t need to wait for AI and ML to take deeper root to see a golden opportunity to transform their own value-add processes by use of technology. The AptumX Digital Twin transforms the client-consultant relationship, moving it from an assignment by assignment basis to a lasting advisor role - a trusted voice that helps the client successfully navigate the increasingly frequent waves of technology and market change.

The AptumX Digital Twin offers a new way for client and consultant to interact – through a model of the client’s business, a permanent model that improves the fundamental value of consultancy fact-finding, analysis and design work. Very rapidly, consultants are able to build a three-dimensional model of end-to-end workflows that replicate business reality and provide the basis for more detailed modelling as changes are planned and implemented.

Some consulting firms will react to this assertion with horror: it’s currently a labour-intensive (and therefore high fee-earning) activity. Others will recognise the attraction to their clients of getting to better, more actionable incomes more quickly and less expensively and, from the consulting firm’s perspective, of:

  • leveraging a higher quality analysis & design outcome to add more value to their clients and to generate more fees from them over the lifetime of the relationship
  • channeling their consultants’ time and knowledge onto higher value, more cognitively and emotionally complex work that will be more profitable and, both personally and professionally, more rewarding
  • taking their consulting services up the value curve, enabling them to command higher fees and margins.

Always Prepared

Whatever the challenge, without adequate preparation you’ll do a substandard job. But preparation is time-consuming and it can be tempting to rush it. How much better, therefore, if your client only needs to prepare for change once? The AptumX Change Platform, once installed, provides a precise, scaled, three-dimensional model of the business and is maintained – typically as a consultancy service – as part of business as usual. The client, and their consultants, have a means of:

  • planning and orchestrating change as frequently as they need to, in small throws rather than giant and high-risk leaps
  • modelling and executing process improvements and workflow automation, directly from the Digital Twin
  • managing change as a business as usual competence – an outsourced Change Management service operated by the consulting firm, who thereby cement their role as trusted change advisors to their client.