Business Automation and Continuous Change on AptumX


Automation is one of the business trends to be most dramatically accelerated by Covid-19. Many organizations are coming to recognize that they will be more resilient to future disruption with a fully automated business. Business Automation has huge potential to transform productivity, efficiency and organizational resilience - unlike the much more limited Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The technology to support Business Automation has existed for years. It hasn’t got traction until now because so many organizations have been ill-equipped to manage the level of change that it entails. Most businesses deal with change as a series of events rather than as a reality of modern life, and that is why transformation programs often fail. And most technology that supports business activity is not designed to cope with relentless, continuous changes. As a result, human adaptability has fallen behind exponential technological change.

Business Automation and the IoT

Now, however, all the ingredients are in place to drive huge gains. Business Automation using Digital Twin technology steps up the pace and scale of improvement, and also provides the connection from the Internet of Things (IoT), to real-time capable systems. This connection between Business Automation and the IoT is the key to unlocking the benefits of the IoT – projected to be in the trillions of dollars globally over the next three to five years. The one remaining obstacle is the level of business change required to harvest these benefits. The AptumX Digital Twin removes this blocker.

AptumX Business Automation controls and monitors the flow of work. It provides staff with tools to complete the right tasks, and to do so quickly. It relieves users of repetitive data-keying jobs and enables the robotic processing of tasks.

The IoT provides the basis on which the control and monitoring of work becomes possible. It gives systems real-time visibility. Its potential and capability for transformative change will become ever greater as the reach of 5G continues to grow.

The AptumX Digital Twin provides the key link between the IoT and the automated systems by enabling the connection between the real world and the digital.  It contains a fully accurate model of the business, which businesses can change in near-real time: it creates systems at the push of a button.

AptumX Change Enablement

These components of a fully automated, IoT enabled Digital Twin are activated by the AptumX Change Enablement product – the Change Platform, which enables low-risk, incremental, business-as-usual implementation of change. AptumX is implemented through business-as-usual channels, not a high-risk transformation program. Changes to both technology and work practice are delivered in manageable increments. Benefits accrue at every stage. We liken the journey to the steps from a muddy field, to laying a gravel path, to a sealed road and then to a multi-lane motorway. Every step is an improvement on what was there before and enables the next improvement to take place; and by the time the motorway has been built, the scene has been set for fundamentally different directions – such as flying taxis – to be pursued.