We say that the Digital Twin Model is a game changer – and that isn’t a claim we make lightly.

As a CEO or member of an Executive team, here is how the future could look:

1. You finally have an accurate, real-time view of how your business works

Your view of the business is a dynamic, working digital model, that separates end-to-end process flows from the underlying detail and depicts what is actually going on in the business. No longer are you reliant upon process maps that inaccurately capture what was happening at a past point in time. Your view of the business has caught up with the real-time analytics that you’ve been investing in for the past few years.

2. Change has become business as usual

Business change has become something that happens all the time, a business-as-usual competence. Large scale, expensive, high risk transformation programs are things of the past, replaced by a continuous stream of changes, modeled and tested thoroughly and realistically in advance in the sandpit of the Digital Twin, which is used to orchestrate and constantly calibrate the change process and to ensure that the right technology is used to address the needs of the business.

3. Business automation is an everyday reality

Not the patchy, limited Robotic Process Automation that has underwhelmed us for years, but the elimination of downtime, rework, duplication, inefficiencies and all the noise that cripples productivity, damages quality and demotivates your staff. Tasks will be automated too, of course – but in your heart of hearts you probably know that the biggest potential for savings and performance improvement are when a product or service isn’t being worked on.

4. The IoT has been integrated into your business

The IoT has become a seamless element of how you work and you are adding new capabilities all the time. Your whole approach to business has been transformed by the certainty that you can interact with the IoT and reap the benefits it offers. You can do this because you have achieved the all-important connectivity between real-world objects and digital systems – a connection made possible by the Digital Twin.

5. You understand and can plan for the impact of change

At an Executive level, and throughout the business, you understand the impact of change. You know that your Digital Twin model will tell you how changes will ripple across the business so that you can ensure the impact is understood, managed and optimised. You have the confidence of knowing that if anybody tries to execute a change that affects another part of the business, the model in which the change is planned and designed will prevent it from happening. Understanding the impact of change is no longer left to chance.

This future is achievable now, enabled by the Digital Twin model of the business. Many organizations, and their leaders, are constrained not by their vision, nor by an inability to execute against a vision; but by a reliance on tools, such as Business Process Mapping, that are fundamentally wrong for the job in hand. Now, in the form of the APTUMX Digital Twin, the solution is here.

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