Maximizing Value and Minimizing Risk:

ERP Implementation on AptumX

The Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is a game changer. You’ll see us reiterate this, over and over again. A complete, scaled-down model, in the true sense of the word, of what happens in the real-world business. Whatever happens in the real world is replicated in the Digital Twin. Anything in the Digital Twin directly corresponds to a real-world artefact or action.

ERP project failures

In a world where some 75% of ERP projects have to be reset or restarted, often due to a failure of accurate business definition, it isn’t hard to justify the “game changer” claim. Inaccurate business definition is almost inevitable at first iteration, through some combination of process complexity, multiple exceptions and workarounds and limited human knowledge and understanding. Too often, such definitions are used as the basis for configuring the ERP system. The solution is configured to the wrong specifications – so it is hardly surprising that implementation often fails as a result.

Accurate configuration with the Digital Twin

As a Digital Twin, AptumX ensures that definitions of business are accurate before they are used for configuration, and easily modifiable while ensuring integrity across the business model. It caters for what happens in the real world such as handling exceptions, to produce a truly accurate target to which the new ERP must be applied. Non-conformance can be noted and addressed either with changes in business process or in the ERP-based system.

Modifying ERP code is the last thing anyone wants due to the cost of carrying modifications forward. The AptumX automation functionality enables extensions or workarounds to be created quickly and cost effectively. As a Digital Twin, as soon as the modification is defined in the model of the business it can be transformed into a run-time ready solution, integrated with the system through the ERP system's APIs. With AptumX changes take place at the speed of business, not the speed of ERP.

The Digital Twin, ERP and Continuous Change

Every business today faces the challenge of being equipped for continuous change. The timescales involved in implementing or changing ERP systems are completely misaligned with those of a rapidly evolving business. As the IoT and other new technologies come on stream, the business and its systems need to be able to rapidly adapt.

AptumX enables an incremental approach to change. The big picture, several years out, can still be painted – and continuously updated – but by using AptumX the route to achieving it can be travelled in discrete, manageable steps and the course can be changed as necessary. Every step of the way, companies can answer questions such as: what changes to implement, when to use ERP, what and when to automate, where to deploy other solutions. Every decision can be modelled in the Digital Twin and executed directly from AptumX.

Derisking SAP S/4 HANA upgrades

The AptumX Digital Twin supports all ERP implementations, but many organizations face pressing decisions about the SAP S/4 HANA upgrade. Only a small proportion have gone ahead to date, and some of those who have done so have reported sobering experiences. Planning for a future that is a moving target is difficult. The AptumX Digital Twin gives the business control and assurance over its responses to such challenges, both during implementation and out into the future – managing change at the speed of business.

"It's a better way to do ERP implementations.  It's the right thing to do.  You either do the work up front with AptumX, or you do your implementation without it - then you flick the go-live switch and entropy sets in and things start falling apart.  It's a pretty easy decision if you've been through doing it the other way."

ERP implementation consultant

"We said, 'we don't want to replicate our old business in our new software' - which is what we would have done without AptumX - we want to redevelop our business, and have our software help us to do that.  AptumX enabled the ERP software to become more valuable to us."

ERP customer - Project Manager

"What AptumX gave us was the ability to take a process, show an organization how they could blueprint or document that process, and then see how they could best manage efficiencies with it."

ERP Supplier - Senior VP