The launch of AptumX brings together the change management experience of Aptumus Consulting with the Digital Twin Model technology of XSOL to resolve the challenges of change in the business environment.

AptumX normalizes change, making it a business-as-usual competence centred on a model of the organisation and how it operates. It eliminates the need for the transformational change initiatives that have a “dismal track record” according to management guru Gary Hamel, a proponent for the need for a “change platform” – the concept on which AptumX is founded.

The foundation for the platform is a Digital Twin Model that replicates the real-world environment of business - an accurate, interconnected, digital representation of business, its underlying activities, resources and structures, especially its end-to-end transactions from which it derives value. The real-world context makes it well suited for use by people working in the business. It lets them define how they want their systems to operate and uses the definition to create automated applications. Being a model, user input is verified on entry, enabling creation of fault-free systems at the push of a button.

Having an accurate picture of how a business operates enables change to be made with confidence, whether implementing or upgrading an ERP system, rooting out inefficiency and waste, planning an acquisition or disposal, or proving compliance with a regulation or industry standard – to name but a few. These and other change scenarios will be available as pre-configured products, with their own implementation and ongoing change programs supported by the AptumX change platform.

AptumX will transform the way its users run their businesses, from the largest and most complex global organisations to small and medium sized enterprises who want to ensure that they are fully equipped to succeed in this rapidly-changing world and able to focus their attention on their core value propositions, and to public sector bodies who want to ensure that their people, processes and technology are responsive to the environment in which they work and that their funding is directed towards the provision of high quality public services.

Tim Connolly, founder of Aptumus, is the Chief Executive Officer of APTUMX and John Blackham, founder of XSOL, is the company’s Chief Technology Advisor.