There will be no new normal

Ever since the start of the pandemic, there has been much talk of a “New Normal” that will emerge “post-Covid”. We challenge every word of this assumption. The “post-Covid” era is still some way off. We’re going to be living with the coronavirus – reality or threat – for the foreseeable future and we need to plan and prepare accordingly in every aspect of our lives. And whatever the world looks like, whether from a business, societal, economic, technological or any other point of view, it won’t be what we used to think of as normal. It will be different, and it will keep changing.

If “normal” implies a level of stability that we reach, at which point we can go about our lives again, think again. Such stability was becoming ever more illusory before the pandemic; the rate and level of change in most organizations was already constantly increasing. And, like many things, Covid-19 has accelerated this development. There will be no steady state. Businesses and their people will live in a constant state of change. People, business models and technology will all need to be equipped for this new state. Change has become a core, business-as-usual competence.

The business environment will be more volatile. Some working practices, disrupted by the overnight shift to remote working, will never be fully reversed. The business ecosystem will have changed: competitors, suppliers, partners and customers gone bust, or changing how they operate. As we learn to live with, rather than post Covid, businesses will have to be ever prepared for another lockdown. Changes that were already on the way will be accelerated. Inefficiencies and shortcomings uncovered as businesses made the shift to remote working will lead to process improvement, streamlining and a faster uptake of Automation and Artificial Intelligence. The Internet of Things will increasingly take root and offer transformational opportunities if the business is geared up to exploit them. As remote working is extended, the nature of the office or other workplaces will be fundamentally challenged. Human workers will look like an increased risk in the light of the disruption triggered by a pandemic-driven lockdown. The imminent prospect of change will be ever-present. To repeat: change is now a core, business as usual competence.

Today, few organisations can deal with change as business as usual. The technology that currently supports day-to-day business is based on multi-year change cycles, quite out of line with the pace of change. New types of business systems are therefore required. The AptumX Change Platform transitions business from its current ‘normal’ stasis to the point at which business change can be modelled and executed safely, securely and quickly in days or even hours – encompassing people and process as well as technology.

The key to AptumX’s ability to making business highly adaptable is its Digital Twin Model. The Digital Twin was pioneered by NASA to cater for rapid changes in a space mission following its experience with Apollo 13. Today it is used widely in a range of manufacturing and built environments. AptumX has applied its power to business operations. A Digital Twin replicates a real-world environment, making it particularly well suited for use by people working in the business. It is way more effective than the business process tools used by IT people who have to interpret what business people want.

AptumX lets business people define how they want their systems to operate and turn this definition into automated applications. Being a model, information integrity is verified upon entry, enabling immediate creation of error-free applications at the push of a button.

Having an accurate picture of how their business operates enables any change to be executed with confidence, whether it is implementing or upgrading an ERP system, rooting out inefficiency and waste, planning an acquisition or disposal, or proving compliance with a regulation or industry standard – to name but a few of its many applications.

AptumX is a sustainable repository of a company’s operational knowledge …and built for change.